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What is HypeAuditor?

AI-Powered Instagram Auditor

The awesome people over at HypeAuditor have made it their mission to spot fake followers and engagement for businesses and marketers looking to pay influencers for advertising. They’ve analyzed nearly 4M accounts, big and small — and are able to provide important metrics that can prove or disprove your brand’s quality following and authenticity on Instagram.

What is HypeAuditor AQS?

Audience Quality Score

The higher the score, the better you look. HypeAuditor’s AQS is a 1-100 metric that helps to understand the overall result of the analysis. It combines Engagement Rate (ER), Authentic Engagement, and Followers Reachability and weighs them against the current market situation.

Full Transparency

Improve & Monitor Your Authenticity

It’s not only important to us that our client’s receive quality growth, but that there is transparency in that process. That’s why with all client reviews, we provide your current HypeAuditor Report and encourage clients to stay on top of monitoring as well. Our primary focus is to improve the quality of your brand’s following; helping you secure more partnerships or conversions. Check your HypeAuditor score, here. 🔥

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